• "Nightwatch" Nick

    "Nightwatch" Nick

    Gypsy vagabond allegedly turned respectable shopkeep
  • Tess


    Secretive and eccentric doppleganger sorceress and burglar
  • Ara


    The Principal of the Akana Collegium is a secretive watersoul genasi, who rarely appears publicly but who commands a fierce loyalty from her crew.
  • Baronal


    A sleekly menacing human, native born to Airspur. Confident in his personal power, cunning and hungry, he is prone to toying with his food, enjoying watching them squirm.
  • Barthelos


    The Principal of the Delian is a large and avuncular human - a hairy, humourous, loud and endlessly energetic leader with the manner of a barkeep.
  • Charis


    A human woman of Chessenta, tasked with delivering a case of jewels she claims may help save her people from destruction.
  • Fesk


    A powerfully built half-orc half-mangled enforcer, native to the Akanul wilds, but late of Airspur. A vicious and black-humoured ruffian, with one eye ruined by scar tissue, and one hand replaced with a vicious harpoon.
  • Hamel


    A sharp-eyed, sharp-tongued, bandy-legged half-elf originally from Aglarond. A local fixer of mixed reputation.
  • Kalanas


    The Principal of the Luca is a dour and upright earthsoul genasi native to Airspur. A veteran of the Skyguard, lamed by war injuries, he is known to hold forth on the virtues of honour and duty, and claims that only the worthy may serve under him.
  • Keldrin Sim

    Keldrin Sim

    A young eladrin scribe, orphaned and raised in Airspur. Once nervy and stuttering, he has walked dark paths beneath the earth and returned with a disquieting poise.
  • Lehaya


    Airspur's current Steward of Air is this aged windsoul genasi. Despite the traditional severity of her position she is famously compassionate, known for dispensing pardons to those she feels worthy and freeing slaves en masse.
  • Maagar


    A grim half-orc warrior of Chessenta, with a terrifying capacity for physical violence and for impenetrable stoicism. Wanted in the Curzian after causing violent outrages in the district.
  • Madam Zulya

    Madam Zulya

    An eyeless human crone, of unknown birth but great age. A fortune teller of the Travellers, she lives in a half sunken house-barge moored at a backwater dock under the cliffs of Airspur.
  • Magnol


    Airspur's current Steward of Fire is a solemn and powerfully built firesoul genasi who places great emphasis on the sacred duties of his role. He is not known as a tactician, but he has won devoted service from his troops.
  • Myxofin


    Airspur's current Steward of the Sea is a broad and bureaucratic watersoul genasi. Though incredibly wealthy (his personal holdings exceed even the Queen's), he is well liked for his displays of generosity and humility.
  • Parola


    The Principal of the Kythan Collegium is a curt elven woman, a famed archer and a devout temple-goer. Parola has sworn solemn oaths to protect pilgrims to the catacombs, and is pitiless in her treatment of those who trespass unanointed in their halls.
  • Prasek


    A myopic and pinch-faced fence and pawnbroker. A greedy little curmudgeon by all accounts.
  • Queen Arathane

    Queen Arathane

    The queen of all Akanul is a stately windsoul genasi with tremendous popular support. Though she does not wield total political power, her ceremonial role as highest priestess in the nation invests her with tremendous influence.
  • Tenthena


    The Principal of the Orsaline is an imperious airsoul genasi matron, a staunch and vocal supporter of the Crown and of the Stewards.
  • Tradrem Kethtrod

    Tradrem Kethtrod

    Airspur's current Steward of Earth is a saturnine earthblood genasi man. Though he rarely makes public appearances his reputation is one of efficiency, sagacity and hidden influence.
  • Uscallus


    The Principal of the Curzian is an enormous earthsoul genasi kingpin, native to Airspur. He is ambitious, overtly avaricious, and brutally efficient in wielding power. For all that he is popular in his district after displays of surprising largesse.