(A modified version of the Forgotten Realms original, this Airspur is a larger city and more complicated in its structure and politics)

The bright city, the jewel in the crown of Akanul, the mighty city-state of the genasi.

Built into a natural harbour formed where the Akana River empties into the Sea of Fallen Stars, Airspur is sharply divided between the gleaming Overcity of the genasi patricians, and the dusty Undercity of the commoners.

The magnificent Overcity is built high across the clifftops and hovering earthmotes of the harbour, where its golden domes and spires catch the light of dawn and dusk most dramatically. It is home to a privileged noble class who keep an almost entirely separate society to the world beneath, a world of order and precedence protected by a superbly disciplined military (most notably the drake-mounted Skyguard, who sweep the skies around Airspur).

The shaded Undercity is a busy metropolis built on the slopes and beaches beneath the cliffs. It is divided into a series of districts divided by streams, waterfalls and canals. Huge mills run endlessly there, fed by the waterfalls from the cliffs and motes above. With a much more varied (not to mention larger) population the Undercity is where much of the day-to-day business of the city plays out. The Undercity is controlled on behalf of the genasi Queen by a series of Collegia – militia groups halfway between constabulary and criminals.


  • The Court of Majesty – The court of Queen Arathane is the highest authority in Akanul.
  • The Airspur Military – Under the command of Magnol, the current Steward of Fire, the military of Airspur is formed around the elite Skyguard and Waveriders, supported by the conscripts and enlisted soldiers of the Ground Defense League
  • The Airsteppers Guild – The messengers of Airspur, entrusted with mundane and sacred missives alike. Politically a fairly powerful body, being linked by tradition with the Court and temples.
  • The Firestorm Cabal – A semi-legitimate ring of privateers and corsairs who have negotiated an armistice with the Court that sees them free to operate in waters claimed by Akanul.


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