Rats of Airspur

Prologue: 'Opportunity knocks'

It’s a dry spell. Weeks have passed since the last proper job came through.

After another snippy little argument with Hargraine over money and just as Nick is starting to wonder if this city expects him to subsist on an honest living, a familiar (if not entirely welcome) face appears at the door – Hamel, a sharp-eyed, sharp-tongued, bandy-legged half-elf from Aglarond, and a local fixer of mixed reputation. Hamel might not be a ray of sunlight at the best of times, but Nick knows that he doesn’t pay social calls, and his palms start to itch the way they always do when there’s money present.

Hamel has a contract available. The Rats may not have been his first pick, but Hamel’s other contacts are unavailable, and he thinks they’ve got the skills to get the job done. He has info about a valuable delivery coming from the interior of Akanul, heading out by ship, and has good information about where the courier (and shipment) will be staying while in Airspur (a safe house in the Kythan), before the courier catches her ship out of the city. The courier has been smuggling raw gems out from an illegal mining operation at the glass mesa (an activity strictly forbidden by the Queen), and that Hamel’s contact wants the case full of stones – cut or uncut. After some haggling over pay, Nick’s mercurial charm met by Hamel’s clipped cynicism, an agreement is reached and Hamel leaves them with a deposit and a series of stern admonishments about the binding nature of the agreement. What an ass.

The Rats are gathered to discuss a heist…



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